• Hike or bike (don't forget your camera) in stunning Telluride. Photography: Telluride Tourism Board

    Wish We Were There

    Sure, jaunting across Europe, lazing on white sand beaches or traipsing across one of the world’s biggest cities would make for an amazing summer trip.
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  • The Inn by the Sea and Portland Head Light landmark are musts during your Maine trip. Photography: ISTOCK

    Summer’s Maine Event

    Maine’s nickname is Vacationland, and this state lives up to the moniker with a vast number of travel experiences, from hiking a slice of its 17 million forest acres to visiting one of its 300 museums
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  • Photography: Mark Reis

    Up in the Air

    “I’ll get out here,” the woman seated behind me said to The Broadmoor van driver. We were on a dirt road, on a very steep incline, headed way up to Cloud Camp, one of the resort’s newest properties.
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  • Photography: Cape Kidnappers

    The Kiwi Challenge

    It should have been an easy chip shot, five yards to a big putting green with the Pacific Ocean at my back and the sun casting a golden glow over my left shoulder.
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  • Horseback riding is a must at The Home Ranch in Clark. Photography: The Home Ranch

    Home on the Range

    Sometimes, it takes is a trip to meet up with a real-life wrangler—a guy or gal in sturdy jeans, a 10-gallon hat and a flannel shirt who tends horses for a living—to help us gain a new perspective.
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  • The 1892-built Rochester hotel pays homage to movies filmed in the Durango area. Photo courtesy of La Plata County Historical Society

    Back to the Future

    Since the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Company founded the town of Durango in 1880, the area has provided the lifeblood of the Southern Colorado region.
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