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    Choose Your Own Adventure: Verona, Italy

    There's a reason the Bard set his most famous romance in this city—its food, wine, views, and theater are downright seductive.

    A Cooking Vacation in Italy

    A self-appointed princess of Prosecco and pasta dons her apron for a cooking holiday in northern Italy.

    ¡Viva el Taco!

    The Mexican resort town of Puerto Vallarta is a foodie’s utopia. Perched on the Pacific Coast in the heart of tequila country, it’s filled with generations-old restaurants, street food stalls, and the smell of tortillas filling the air.

    Goin’ to Jackson

    There are lots of places to ski right here in Colorado, but this posh Wyoming town offers something special.

    Choose Your Own Adventure: Bruges, Belgium

    This enchanting Flemish city has canals, chocolate, waffles and beer. What more could you need?

    Patagonia at its Peak

    The magnificent Torres del Paine National Park is a hiker's paradise.

    On Wine Time

    Trips to Sonoma just got super easy and quick.

    Scotland’s Charming Bed and Breakfasts

    Scotland's innkeepers make guesthouses the way to go.

    To Monterey, in Minutes! 

    With United’s new direct flights from Denver, this town’s seaside charms are just a short plane ride away.

    San Luis Obispo: “SLO” and Easy

    The California coastline abounds with worthy destinations. Here's why San Luis Obispo ranks among the best.