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    “Deer : Eilid” – Julie Vaught at  CORE New Art Space

    In Julie Vaught’s upcoming show, “Deer : Eilid”, she explores the sacred meaning of the deer through creating an immersive exhibit featuring paintings and video art surrounding a modern interpretation of the mystical symbol of the deer. In many cultures, spiritual traditions, and beliefs across the world, the deer has been a powerful symbol representing and mirroring the deeper spiritual aspects to our human lives. The deer, specifically the female deer (also known as the “doe” or “hind”), roams wildly, touching the hearts and minds of all that she encounters in the presence of a spirit animal. The show is conceptually built around this gentle spirit of the doe, calling into our present day, the deep meaning and history of this animal and its spiritual representation, asking the viewer what she could mean for us today.

    Instagram: @vaughtjulie79

    The event is finished.


    May 07 - 23 2021