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    “First Principles” – Jude Barton at CORE New Art Space

    Barton’s latest work explores the beauty of point, line, and arc and the elements of First Principles in a new collection of simplified minimalist drawings on a colored background of softly burnished oil washed paper.  “There is an almost ephemeral quality to the space between the lines that draws me into a contemplative mindset – as if I could sit and rest there and just be.”

    She describes First Principles as that upon which all other theories and practices are built. They are foundational to design, to art, to music, to language. It is a culling down before we can build upward and outward. It is the base of a pyramid, a square foundation for an edifice. It is the perfect cornerstone that keeps true all other stones that are built upon it. It is parallel lines reaching into infinity never touching never crossing paths.  Out of First Principles come rational thought and reason. It is the architecture of form.

    CORE New Art Space
    6851 W. Colfax Ave.
    Lakewood, CO 80214

    The event is finished.


    May 28 2021 - Jun 13 2021