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    Laugh Your Craft Off: Monsters & Demons: Halloween Needle Felting

    Laugh Your Craft Off is a series of craft workshops where you can make things with artists while comedians tell jokes. We’ve paired up artists and crafters with comedians to take your grandma’s craft circle to a whole new level. There will be laughs, there will be crafts, so grab yourself a drink and come hangout with us!

    “Monsters and Demons: Halloween Needle Felting”: Bring monsters and demons to life with the craft of needle felting! By stabbing wool into shapes with a special needle, we can sculpt any monster that you can dream up. Denizens of crevices, beasts, ghosts, goblins, greeblies, and creepy crawlers will be brought to life! What kind of monsters or demons do you have lurking in your imagination?

    Materials provided at event:

    • 1, 36 gauge felting needle per person
    • 1 foam cube per person
    • Some copy paper or construction paper
    • Roving
    • Sharpies

    Doors open at 5PM
    Crafting and comedy begins at 5:30PM 

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