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    Tag: CORE New Art Space

    “Color Fields” – Deborah A. Abbott at the CORE New Art Space

    Deborah Abbott's work is on a mission to save items from the landfill through reducing, reusing, and upcycling material to make sustainable eco-conscious art.

    “First Principles” – Jude Barton at CORE New Art Space

    Jude Event-May-2021Barton's latest work explores the beauty of point, line, and arc and the elements of First Principles in a new collection of simplified minimalist drawings on a colored background of softly burnished oil washed paper.

    “Shape Shifting” – Richard Neff at CORE New Art Space

    Richard Neff translates the geometry of reality into shapes that build, tumble, balance and expand into impossible depths.

    “Deer : Eilid” – Julie Vaught at  CORE New Art Space

    In Julie Vaught's upcoming show, "Deer : Eilid", she explores the sacred meaning of the deer through creating an immersive exhibit featuring paintings and video art surrounding a modern interpretation of the mystical symbol of the deer.