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    Mile High Museum Epicenter

    Denver has garnered respect as a cultural hub for a thriving and dynamic museum experience.

    “Color Fields” – Deborah A. Abbott at the CORE New Art Space

    Deborah Abbott's work is on a mission to save items from the landfill through reducing, reusing, and upcycling material to make sustainable eco-conscious art.

    “First Principles” – Jude Barton at CORE New Art Space

    Jude Event-May-2021Barton's latest work explores the beauty of point, line, and arc and the elements of First Principles in a new collection of simplified minimalist drawings on a colored background of softly burnished oil washed paper.

    “Shape Shifting” – Richard Neff at CORE New Art Space

    Richard Neff translates the geometry of reality into shapes that build, tumble, balance and expand into impossible depths.

    “Deer : Eilid” – Julie Vaught at  CORE New Art Space

    In Julie Vaught's upcoming show, "Deer : Eilid", she explores the sacred meaning of the deer through creating an immersive exhibit featuring paintings and video art surrounding a modern interpretation of the mystical symbol of the deer.

    Basalt’s Midland Avenue

    The historic downtown of Basalt has countless shops, coffee houses, and quaint places to eat which make you feel at home.