Urban Oasis

This year's Denver Magazine Designer Showhouse has it all: a gourmet kitchen, gorgeous master suite, generous patios, party-ready lower floor, and (to top it off) a get-away-from-it-all loft.

What’s New in 2018?

We asked our designers to name their favorite trends.

“People are finally veering away from the neutral-on-neutral palette. I’m loving the revival of bold colors, patterns, and wall coverings. All those layers that have been so successful throughout time are coming back and proving themselves to be not just trends, but beautiful architectural movements.” —Cassy Kicklighter Poole, Kaleidoscope Design

“The re-introduction of natural textures like alpaca, cashmere, and wools and the layering of those soft materials. People often shy away from these fabrics, but they are actually more durable than you think. The natural lanolin in the fabric helps them stay clean, unlike more manmade fibers.” —Denise Taylor, Cathers Home

“There’s a new Pendleton collaboration line with Sunbrella coming out. We’re excited to start seeing fabrics traditionally meant for more indoor living come outside. We’re also seeing a lot of wicker, with more full-weave.” —Lindsay Kenison, Christy Sports

“I feel really excited about being able to mix styles now. Ten years ago, or even five years ago, you would have said, ‘My house is contemporary’ or ‘My house is farmhouse,’ but now you might say ‘modern farmhouse.’ ” —Nikki Holt, Kimberly Timmons Interiors

“We’re excited that grays are starting to go out a little bit, and warmer tones are coming in. There was a lot of gray in the past, and we still love gray, but we’re excited about more color. Also the mixing of silver and gold accent features.” —Olivia Louis, Brass Bed Fine Linens

“There has been so much white and that is lovely and beautiful, but I have been excited to see really dynamic, fun color.” —Kim Layne, Kim Layne Interiors

“Besides color coming back, I feel like lighting is getting really exciting, fun, and creative.” —Kim Linin, Green Butterfly Design

“Single pops of jewel colors.” —Christy Marsh, Lulu’s Furniture and Decor

“I think my favorite trend of 2018…I guess it’s more 2017, maybe even late 2016…would be patterns and fun Moroccan tiles. I try not to design too trendy, though. I like to keep it classic and simple.” —Jamie Nusser, J Design

“The last three years at High Point Market we’ve seen the warming of grays. They have not used the word ‘taupe’ yet—we haven’t quite gotten there. But we buy showroom samples, and they now have a tan-brown, warm element to them that was missing three years ago. Back then, everything would’ve been charcoal or light gray. Now things are warming back up and softening. We’re seeing pinks come back in, too.” —Rob Osgard, Howard Lorton Denver Furniture & Design

“You’re asking the wrong people because Gina and I don’t believe in trends. We’re just not trendy people. Every client that we get has a different look, a different type of home. We have so many projects going right now and no two of them are alike.” —Marilyn D’Amore, D’Amore Interiors

“To be honest, I don’t follow many trends. I notice them, but I try to stay away from getting too committed to them. However, I will always be a fan of gold and brass and the popularity of the color white that’s going on right now. I think those will continue to be classic and timeless looks.” —Wendy Yates, Abigail-Elise Interiors